A University Sustainability Committee has been assembled and includes representation from Pitt students, faculty, and staff.  The first charge for the Committee is the development of a comprehensive sustainability plan for the University.


The Process

The Sustainability Plan kicked off in March 2017 and will continue through the summer.

We need to hear from you! Please help us define the University's vision for a sustainable future by taking our survey, attending events, or giving us direct feedback.

Sustainability Plan Elements

The Pitt Sustainability Plan will be a comprehensive document, incorporating the following:

  • The University's Vision for a Sustainable Future
  • Progress to date and current efforts to promote a culture of sustainability
  • Input from a broad subsection of the University community (via the University-Wide Sustainability Committee)
  • A set of discrete ambitions designed to direct and unify efforts
  • Vital measurement goals and metrics sufficient to gauge the University's progress, to include assignment of responsible parties and milestone dates
  • Strategies and methods for achieving established goals
  • A multi-year road map to a more sustainable future
  • A methodology and framework for updating the Plan, understanding that the Plan will be a living document
  • A strategy for promoting the Plan through University and community engagement